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TAS was commissioned by a Property Owner-Realtor Collaborative to explore "What's Possible" as a promotional effort for a seven-acre tract located on West Bay Street.


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The product of that exercise is THE VILLAGE AT OCEANSIDE a mixed use development consisting of shops, office and multi residential components. The site is accessible from West Bay Street and the North-South Highway between West Bay and JFK Highway.

A wetland area at the central portion of the site is being dredged to do double duty as water feature and flood mitigation system for the site and also separation between the business structures and 12 story residential tower. Entering the site from West Bay the shops and office buildings are located along the western boundary of the site with a continuous trickle stream separating them from the parking areas.

This access continues southwards towards a gatehouse and over a large lake to the residence tower which boasts an almost 360 degree panoramic views over the island and towards the ocean.

The residences are also provided with direct entrance access along a private driveway from the highway to the west. Site amenities would include ground and rooftop pools, tennis courts, miniature golf and agricultural / horticultural fields.

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LEED Silver, Targeted


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